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Bank By Phone 


No matter where you are, no matter what the time... all you need is a phone to bank at The Co-op!

You can get information on


Dial 499-2669


Dial 1 (888) 447-7304

  • Account Balances
  • Recent Deposits
  • Checks Cleared
  • Interest Paid
  • Withdrawals
  • Specific Checks

For all these accounts

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • CDs
  • Money Market
  • IRAs
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Personal or Auto Loans

In addition to account information, you can get the latest rates for certificates and loans, make loan payments and transfer funds between accounts ... all from the comfort of your own home.

Transfer privileges

Transfer privileges will allow you to make mortgage or loan payments from any of these accounts:

  • Checking accounts
  • Statement Savings
  • Money Market

You can transfer between these accounts, too...

It's simple

From a touch-tone phone, enter the electronic bank account number from your statement, or your 10-digit passbook number.

Direct Line Bank-by-Phone Available Options

Press 1 - For Account Inquiries
Press 2 - For Transfers & Payments
Press 3 - For current rate information
Press 4 - To change your PIN number
Press 0 – For a Customer Service Representative
Press 8 – For Help

When you make your FIRST Direct Line call, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will be known only to you.

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