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The Berkshires is a special place.  People who live, work, raise their families, or open their businesses here are special. You know it and we know it.

We’re Berkshire people, too. And, that makes a big difference when it comes to banking. We design our products and services for the needs of our community. We eliminate the hassle of dealing with the out-of-town banks. Our rates are competitive, and we have the same types of accounts and electronic services that you can get from the big banks. 

"There will be a time when you will want to meet with a decision-maker at a bank face-to-face."

We also know that there will be a time when you will want to meet with a decision-maker at a bank face-to-face. You will want to discuss your financial issues, which are often complicated, sensitive, or both with a person you can trust. You won’t want to call some distant call center with a different person on the line each time. You don't want decisions made in Boston or New York by a person who has never met you and will apply a standard formula that they use everywhere.

Banking is Better Together.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank understands what Berkshire people like you want, and we are proud of it. When you visit a branch, we try to have enough tellers available so you will not need to wait. Call our phone and you won’t get a recording that says “your call is important to us.” You will get a real Berkshire person because your call really is important to us. When you need a mortgage, a loan, or want to grow a business, we will get to know you and will consider those “soft factors” that out-of-town bankers won’t understand.

"We will get to know you and will consider those 'soft factors' that bankers in New York or Boston won’t understand."

We also invest in our community. Your deposits go to loans that build homes, grow businesses, and create jobs right here. We make donations and spend time to support local organizations. We don’t send deposits or profits to some remote investment committee. This isn’t new. Relationship banking defines the 134-year history of Pittsfield Cooperative Bank. We helped in the toughest of times. For example, during the Great Depression, many banks failed. People were scared. Yet, The Pittsfield Cooperative Bank remained strong. In fact, the Bank outgrew its North Street office and re-located to Fenn Street across from the old Post Office.

When people were out of work and were afraid of losing their homes, the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank did everything it could to avoid foreclosing on mortgages. Payments were suspended and borrowers were allowed to run in arrears. When foreclosures were absolutely necessary, the Bank allowed the former homeowners to become tenants and pay rent – so they could repurchase their homes at a later date.

That is our spirit and that is what guides us to this day. We have the same types of products and services that you can get from the big banks. But, we do it with Berkshire people in mind. And, when the day comes that you need somebody to work with, we will be here to help.  Banking is Better Together.

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