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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

  • $500.00 minimum balance to open account.
  • $500.00 minimum balance to receive APY.
  • Interest rates are reviewed on a weekly basis.
  • Simple interest will compound monthly on any certificate less than 1 year in length. Interest will compound continuously on certificates of 1 year or over in length. Interest will be credited to the account monthly on all certificates.
  • Accounts closed before interest is credited will not receive accrued interest.
  • Interest begins to accrue on the first business day after the banking day checks are deposited.

Transaction Limitations

Additional deposits are allowed only at maturity. Withdrawals of principal not allowed without penalty. Withdrawals of interest allowed after it is credited.

Early Withdrawal Penalties:

  • Maturity of less than 1 year: 6 months interest on amount withdrawn.
  • Maturity of 1 year or more: 12 months interest on amount withdrawn.


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