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The COOP’s Bank @ Work Program is designed for the Employees of our Small Business and Commercial customers.  The program offers our GenGold checking account with some additional premiums when the Employee establishes direct deposit of their payroll check.  It features periodic on-site visits to assist employees with switching their relationship to the COOP, and presentations about other services the
COOP offers.

 Co-op Direct (Bank @ Work) Benefits

  • GenGold Premium Checking account
      • Access to a large selection of travel, dinning, and shopping discounts
      • Free Debit Card
      • Free on-line banking
      • Free e-statements
  • The Employee is enrolled as a COOP DIRECT Customer
  • Periodic specials mailed or emailed to participants
  • Quarterly “Coop Direct” newsletter emailed to participants
  • Free Basic Checks (One box at a time)


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