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Assets                                                                                (Dollar Amounts in Thousands)
Cash and Balances Due From Depository Institutions:12/31/1712/31/18
     Non-interest Bearing Balances, Currency & Coin $3,272 $2,769
     Interest-Bearing Balances $7,543 $9,231
     Held-to-Maturity Securities $3,753 $3,667
     Available-for-Sale Securities $38,596 $35,327
Federal Funds Sold and Securities Purchased to Re-sell:  
     Federal Funds Sold  $1,401  $1
Loans and Lease Financing Receivables:  
     Loans and Leases, Net of Unearned Income $219,096 $228,192
     LESS: Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses ($1,803) ($1,874)
     Net of Unearned Income and Allowance  $217,293 $226,318
Premises and Fixed Assets $3,223 $3,059
 Other Real Estate Owned  $609 $613
Other Assets $25,900 $26,305

Total Assets 

$301,590 $307,290


Liabilities and Equity
Deposits:    In Domestic Offices $235,437 $242,336
                   Non-interest-Bearing  $36,412           $40,501           
                   Interest-Bearing  $199,025  $201,835
Borrowed Money $18,766 $15,543
Other Liabilities $1,095 $1,471
Total Liabilities $255,298 $259,350
Equity Capital:
Surplus (Exclude all Surplus Related to Preferred Stock) $3,871 $3,871
Retained Earnings $42,151 $44,511
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income $270 ($442)
Total Bank Equity Capital $46,292 $47,940
Total Liabilities and Equity Capital




*This statement is unaudited and has not been reviewed, or confirmed for accuracy or relevance, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

 Equal Opportunity Lender          Equal Housing Lender              Member FDIC               Member SIF

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